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Vitamin Pre-Mix for Poultry

Our Granulated Thermo-stable Vitamin Premixes for Poultry contains a homogeneous blend of highly bio-available vitamins in a specially formulated carrier in a chelatised environment fortified with bio-peptides for better bio-assimilation and bio-availability at the required site in the body of the host species for the required optimised performance.The various blends have been formulated after considering the various related factors like the Local environment conditions, Breed, Feed formulations & Feeding environment and Farm Management operations for Breeders and Commercial Layers and Broilers for an Optimised performance.
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 Trace Mineral Pre-Mix for Poultry

Trace Minerals are micro-nutrients which play a very important role in various metabolic, enzymatic and biochemical reactions in poultry for achieving optimised performance levels.
Our Granulated Thermo-stable Trace Mineral Premixes provides the complete requirement by blending the best available mineral salts(measured in terms of its bio-availability)with a unique formulated carrier to deliver the same in the body of the host species at the exactly required time to achieve the required optimised level of performance.
As already stated earlier, Trace Minerals as micro nutrients also help in optimizing the performance of Vitamins and Enzymes in addition to various metabolic and biochemical reactions.
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Phytase for Poultry.

Our Granulated Thermo-Stable bacterial Phytase for Poultry is derived from a bacterial Pro-Biotic strain by Submerged Tray fermentation process for an unmatched high degree of purity of the related enzyme for an Optimised performance at the required level in body of the host species.
Because of the selection of the strain and other related uniqueness in our Fermentation and Manufacturing processes, our Phytase has a relatively better Shelf-Life and Performance parameters and can be comfortably integrated with all types of Feed Formulations for a better release of the Phytase Phosphorous from the various Feed Ingredients to rationalize the feed cost as well as in maintaining the optimum health of the flock and also in the protection of the environment from the harmful effects of the residual phosphorous. 
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Enzyme Blends for Poultry.

Our Granulated Thermo-stable Enzyme Blends for Poultry are derived from different related bacterial Pro-biotic strains by Submerged Tray fermentation process for an unmatched high degree of purity of the related enzymes for an Optimised performance at the required levels in body of the host species.
We offer different Enzyme blends for different poultry diets and the same are formulated after considering the needs of the farm as per the corresponding diet plan followed in the respective farms. All our Enzyme Blends have an integrated minimum PEF and PPF for achieving an optimised performance at your Farm. 
It is now well established by the Farming Community themselves that a judicious use of the required Enzyme Blend definitely helps in optimised performance and profits round the year in our industry.
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The extensive use of antibiotics in poultry with the purpose of promoting growth rate, increasing feed conversion efficiency and for the prevention of intestinal infections have led to an imbalance of the beneficial intestinal flora and the appearance of resistant bacteria. Probiotics are live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance”. Probiotics are live microorganisms of non pathogenic and nontoxic in nature, which when administered through the digestive route is favorable to the host health.
Adhering to these important considerations, we have krafted a range of Granulated Thermo-stable Probiotics from our state of art fermentation premises by carefully selecting the strains and sub-strains needed for our industry and your farm for optimum performance and subsequent profits. These have been finalised after careful consideration of prevailing Gut Conditions and Gut Management practices for getting optimum performance parameters at the application end. 
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